State's Attorney Requests Special Prosecutor to Investigate Former PD

Published 08/15 2014 06:25PM

Updated 08/15 2014 07:10PM

BLOOMINGTON - The story is not over for the public defender who suddenly resigned from McLean County late last week.

The state's attorney's office filed a motion late Thursday to get a special prosecutor to look into Kim Campbell’s departure.

"In most situations, where law enforcement in McLean County are investigating a situation or our office is prosecuting a situation, we don't have a conflict,” said state’s attorney Jason Chambers.

But in this case, former public defender Kim Campbell worked for the same department, McLean County, as the state's attorney's office.

Her abrupt resignation on Aug. 8, surprised many around the courthouse and raises plenty of questions, and late Thursday night Chambers filed a request to have someone from out of town guide an investigation into possible misconduct.

Chambers says one of the many reasons they need a special prosecutor for this case is the many different levels of potential conflict of interest that they'd have to navigate through.

"In terms of a healthy system, you don't want prosecutors looking at information which could relate to other cases, confidential information, sensitive information,” said Chambers.

At this time, the charges and who filed them against Campbell are not being released, but Chambers says there is no immediate danger.

"No, as a matter of fact, at this point all there are is an allegation. There isn't even an investigation being done at this point,” said Chambers.

Chambers says it could take a matter of days or as long as a year to find out if the request will be honored. He says the office asked to have an appellate prosecutor from out of the area handle the case.

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