Students A Cut Above in First Barber Course

Published 02/25 2014 06:29PM

Updated 02/25 2014 06:33PM

PEORIA - Students at Woodruff Career and Technical Center are learning the art of the barber shop in the district’s new two-year high school course.

“I love cutting hair and I often cut my brothers and my family members, whoever needs a haircut,” said student Marco Barajas.

Tavaris Waller is also in the program.

“I like cutting hair. I’ve wanted to cut hair since 2009. My uncle cut hair also; it made me want to do it even more,’ he said.

But Waller will tell you, it's definitely not an easy way out of traditional school.

“If you got the skills to cut someone's hair it's not that bad, but it's the book work, a lot of book work,” he said.

Instructor Joseph Wheeler said students have a lot of studying to do on things like hygiene and job etiquette, “to be dependable, responsible, polite and all around a good person.”

“Every customer who cares always call them by their last names, and be professional,” Barajas said.

Students practice on mannequins and each other. After their first year they’ll be able to take appointments from real clients and charge for services. At the end of the program they’ll take their state board exam.

“Our goal is to teach them the barber program so if they wanted to go out into the workforce as soon as they graduate and get their license that they would be a professional barber,” Wheeler said.

Waller said he hopes he'll have a guaranteed a side job while he pursues a college career.

“If I need a job I can just go to a barber shop and show them my I.D.” he said.

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