Sugar Creek Wraps Up Summer ESY, Autism Camps

Published 07/24 2014 05:11PM

Updated 07/24 2014 10:54PM

NORMAL - A camp for children with special needs is wrapping up its summer schedule in McLean County.

Middle and high school students have spent the last four weeks in extended school year and autism camps at Sugar Creek Elementary.

The camps are designed for kids who have been recommended to continue their education into the summer time. Many are using it to learn more social skills and make new friends. Camp directors say it will help kids be ready when classes start again next month.

"A lot of these students would regress over the summer if they don't have that extra support for that month," said Barbie Davis, assistant camp director. “And, even for all of the students it's just to stay in the habit and have some structure and routine to their day is very beneficial."

"I really love all of the activities, and the computer time's great though because all of us love to play Minecraft and computer games. But my favorite thing to do it talk to my friends,” said Normal West freshman Cameron Rientz.

The four week camps also take the students on field trips throughout the Twin Cities.

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