Taste of Bradley Lets Students Sample Local Cuisine

Published 08/24 2014 06:19PM

Updated 08/24 2014 06:22PM

PEORIA - The 90 degree heat didn’t keep 3,000 students from sampling different dishes at the Taste of Bradley.

The real heat was on the fifteen vendors as they tried to impress the student body.

"Food's pretty cheap. There's a lot of it and uh, you know it's a good chance for you to come around and meet people," said Bradley Sophomore Ryan Ruff.

And the prices are just what a college student is looking for.

"They got like two dollar cheeseburgers and like three dollar random stuff," says Ruff

A full meal runs for about five bucks.

"It beats going out to a restaurant and paying like 10 dollars."

And for many students, it is their first taste of Peoria cuisine.

"I just like to try a lot of new foods and look for places to eat in Peoria,” said student Cassandra Whiteside.

For the vendors it’s not a cooking competition and they aren’t lowering their prices as a favor for the students.

It’s just a way to drum up some support before the new school year.

For the most part it's good. Brings in some people that haven't tried us," says Kitchen Manager at Famous Dave’s Steven Varnes.

And a bad first impression could lead to a loss of business down the road.

 "It'll break us. I mean if they don't like our food. They aren’t going to come see us. They'll go to the other restaurants they taste."

Which is why Famous Dave’s and other vendors hope their trip to the Taste of Bradley is a sizzling success.

Bradley administrators say the college doesn’t make any money from the event.

Classes for Bradley Students begin on Wednesday.

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