Tornado Damaged Washington Businesses Announce Plans for Future

Published 05/09 2014 06:18PM

Updated 05/10 2014 08:14AM

Old businesses are breathing new life back into Washington.

Three of them damaged by November’s tornado tell us they will soon take major steps in rebuilding.

One of them even plans to reopen as soon as next month.

Getting the Hillcrest Golf Center up and running has been a challenge.

“An overwhelming amount of stuff that has to get done to get a business like this back and going,” said Brian Brubaker the President of Hillcrest Golf Center.

The tornado left debris to pick up and greens to repair…to say the very least.

The Center’s clubhouse was destroyed and their driving range was left in ruins.

Thanks to the help of volunteers and a hard-working staff, Brubaker says their course will be ready for golfers in June.

"We just never would have got it all cleaned up. It’s been amazing; the chuches, youth groups, cub scouts…all different groups.”

Neighboring the course is a La Gondola Spaghetti House.
It was also decimated by the tornado.

“We are going to bull doze the building and start over,” said Manager Richard LaHood. He, like Brubaker, is part of a family business, and wants to keep the business in Washington.

He envisions his new restaurant going up with a Starbucks next to it.

“I think getting the business back in shape will be the next step in hopefully a fast process to make everybody feel whole again.”

The John Bearce Dealership across the road was another victim.

“It just took the steel right at the top and just twisted it,” said Bearce.

Bearce is meeting with an architect on Monday to discuss the rebuilding process.
They hope the new building will be finished by December. But first the old one must come down.

“I’m asking a whole bunch of my former employees to come and we are going to do it together. But it's going to be, it's going to be difficult.”

If all goes as planed, the Hillcrest Golf Center will have a temporary clubhouse when they open in June.

It, along with La Gondola and the John Bearce Dealership, have been in Washington for more than combined 100 years.

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