U.S. One Week Away From Government Shutdown

Published 09/24 2013 06:12PM

Updated 09/24 2013 06:21PM

PEORIA – If no action is taken, the federal government will shut down on October 1.

A shutdown hasn’t happened since 1996. Before our local lawmakers to return to Washington D.C., we’re finding out where they stand on this critical issue.

If the President doesn’t have a budget resolution by October 1, the federal government will close its doors.

Democrat Cheri Bustos for the 17th Congressional District said, “This impacts real people. It impacts families and it impacts kids.”

Republican Aaron Schock for the 18th Congressional District said, “I think the big frustration for most Americans is they look at Washington D.C. and see a broken system.”

The House of Representatives, which includes local lawmakers Bustos and Schock, passed a budget that would keep the government open. However, that budget nixes President Obama’s healthcare act. That’s where the parties and houses don’t necessarily agree.

Bustos said, “To tie an unrelated program to shutting down the government, I just think is all the way across the board the wrong way to approach this.”

Schock said, “I can't force the Senate to produce a balanced budget and because they haven't done that we have to in the meantime give some kind of short term spending authority.”

So if the government does shut down, how does that affect you? All 368 national parks will close, you won’t be able to get items like a passport processed, and our servicemen and women will be paid in “IOUs.”

Lawmakers agree a shutdown won’t be good for anyone. Bustos said, “I absolutely want to make sure we keep the government open, that we keep it functional and that we make decisions that are right for the American people at the same time.”

Schock said, “Whether it's a fight over the budget or it's a fight over the debt limit regardless of when that discussion takes place we need to have an honest conversation about our spending.”

Lawmakers head back to Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

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