Washington High School Reacts To First Tornado Sirens Test

Published 03/04 2014 05:35PM

Updated 03/04 2014 06:54PM

WASHINGTON - The sirens sounded in Washington today, but the students went about their normal routine.

 “You kind of just think about it and are like. ‘Oh, it’s there again’ like we all have to move on with it,” said student Elise Skulte.

According to one teacher, it’s not even a topic of conversation in the classroom.

 “And where I teach, no one brought it up because we were so focused on Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet and things like that. But so far it hasn’t come up,” said English Dan Zehr.

Since it’s the first tornado sirens test since November, the school informed the students about the test this past week and encouraged them to seek counseling if needed.

“I mean I’ve talked to a few people about it and I think there is some anxiety because what you relate the siren to is a tornado. And that is just what you do. It’s how you’ve grown up. And I think they are worried about that but at the same time I think they are ready,” said Senior Chairman of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council Jonathan Neis.

Faculty members also received a reminder about the test over the weekend.

 “And when he sent it I said to my wife, who I mentioned is a counselor here, and I said do you know that the sirens are coming up and she said ‘oh we better be aware,” said Zehr.

Counselors did not comment on whether or not there was an uptick in the number of students seeking help following the sirens.

Students say they’re just appreciative that the town is returning to the way it was before the tornado.

“I think the test is probably a good thing to have because it’s getting back to normalcy and helping you deal with it more or less. It’s kind of easing in to it,” said Neis.  

“It’s the first Tuesday of every month. Twelve times a year. It’s been that way ever since we’ve been living here so I that that will be a good thing to get back to normal,” said Skulte.

Just another step to rebuilding hope for the community.  

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