Washington Ready to Look "Green" Again

Published 04/26 2014 06:27PM

Updated 04/28 2014 10:32AM

Shannon Roberts remembers the last time she could see from one end of Washington to the other.

"Not since I was in High School," she remarked.

She remembers when the neighborhoods were built up.

November's tornado brought them back down.

"I grew up here," she said. "To see those houses of friends and family torn up is painful."

While those houses are starting to be rebuilt, one thing is still missing - trees.

"That landscape is forever changed," Roberts said. "The trees destroyed."

Green Ribbon Foundation - a non-profit organization from Chicago - wants to help get that landscape back with a make-shit nursery for new trees.

"People are working on their houses and interiors," said Amber Autumn of the Green Ribbon Foundation. "As time progresses, they'll need to plant the trees.
The nursery will sustain here until people are ready to rebuild their landscape."

"Today we are planting about a thousand trees to help," Roberts added.

Grainger donated nearly a thousand trees that will stay in the nursery until residents are ready to put them around their house.

"The trees are a symbol of hope and regrowth for a community that has rebuilding efforts," Autumn said.

Right now - these trees are barely saplings....but in a few years - they will help Washington look like Washington again.

" I can't wait," Roberts said. "I want to see these neighborhoods be put back together."

If you would like to adopt a tree for a family rebuilding after the tornado, you can go to the foundation's website at http://www.greenribbonfoundation.org/.

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