What the Galesburg Strikes Means for Student Athletes

Published 08/22 2014 05:45PM

Updated 08/22 2014 06:10PM

GALESBURG - "I miss school. I don't want this strike."

Hailey Bessert is a 7th grade cross country runner. During the strike, her team still has daily practices.

"We have them at 2:30 every day still, but we can't go to any meets," she said.

She says their first meet is on Tuesday, but if the strike continues, the competition will be cancelled.

The same goes for all Galesburg athletics. Football coaches are holding team practices at Knox College, but other coaches don't want to cross that picket line.

"Some of them really don't feel comfortable practicing because they don't want to go against, you know, their brothers and sisters in the union that are pretty much out there, too," Galesburg Education Association spokeswoman Tami Qualls said.

But it takes two to play ball and this strike is also impacting Galeburg's opponents. The streaks football team is scheduled to play Moline High School for the first game of the season next Friday night.

"We want to play football. That is what the big thing is, we're missing a game, we're missing a competition and that's important for our squad and for our kids," MHS’s athletic director, Todd Rosenthal, said.

In light of all of this, Hailey's mom says this strike is educational to her Galesburg students.

"It's all a learning experience for all of us. And, you know, it's reality and the kids need to know, hey, you know, this actually happens, and it's happening in our community,” Raeleen Iams said.

Galesburg High School football was scheduled to have their annual Meet the Streaks scrimmage Friday night.

They are continuing the tradition but had to reschedule for Saturday at 1 p.m. at Knox College, and admission to the game: a six-pack of water.

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