Young Boy's Parents Make Plea after Tragic Accident

Published 05/06 2014 11:06PM

Updated 05/06 2014 11:12PM

PEORIA - In the middle of tragedy, Trever Chick's parents are speaking through their pain.
They say while they're still processing the grief, they have an important message to share.

"You can never say it can never be my kid. Because I said the same thing," says Trever's mom, Tracey Corey.

Travis and Tracey Corey never imagined they'd send their son to school and be faced with a devastating new reality.

"He loved to ride his bike, play video games," says mom Tracey, "He loved everybody, He had so many friends."

Friends, neighbors, people they don't even know, are honoring that young boy with a big heart.

"I'm glad families are coming out and realizing, this is really what happened," says Tracey.

And as the community leaves their love.
Trever's mom and dad are leaving a plea with all parents.

"They gotta pay more attention, they do. They need more cross guards, because who's to say, it could be another kid, you don't know," adds Tracey.

Facing the most difficult decision of their lives, the Corey's are pursuing organ donation.
They say they aren't giving up hope.
They're staying strong.
Reminded of all the love and life, their son will carry on.

"We miss our son, says dad, Travis Corey. "We still love our son. We both came to the conclusion, we had a lot of time to think about it. And we know, deep down inside, our son knows. He would want to look out for someone else's child."

A candle light vigil at the memorial near the corner of Monroe  and Caroline will be held Wednesday night at 6pm.
Trever's parents say the entire community is welcome to attend and honor their son.

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