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Composting ABC's Family Education Night

With the Peoria County Farm Bureau

A Composting ABC's Family Education Night will be held at 6 p.m. on April 19 in the Peoria County Farm Bureau building located at 1716 N. University Street in Peoria.

It will be an informational session on the basics of composting and will have two separate sessions...one for adults and one for children. Adults will attend a session on how to use a home composter bin to break down household materials into rich, healthy soil. Children will learn about composting through storytelling, games and hands-on activities.

Both children and adults will leave the workshop knowing exactly why composting is important, what can and cannot be composted and how to use a home composter bin. Adults are welcome to attend either the adult session or the child-focused session. There is no cost to attend but donations to the Farm Bureau's Ag-In-The-Classroom program would be appreciated.

Compost is the product of broken down materials such as food scraps, that are rich in nitrogen, and dried leaves or other dried yard materials rich in carbon. This process happens in nature...on forest floors, prairies and in your own backyard. But actively composting in the way that most people think of today means decomposing these materials at a faster rate that will result in a nutrient rich and natural soil amendment. The product can be used as a mulch around plants, trees and shrubs; a soil amendment to retain moisture and add nutrients; a potting mix; or a lawn top dressing.

The Peoria County Farm Bureau is working with Recycling Connections in Steven's Point, Wisconsin to offer composting bins.

The Home Composter is the name of the unit being offered. It is 17 cubic feet or 125 gallons in size. The components are the tub (two halves), lid, 2 side doors, 4 latches, and a composting cook book. An actual unit is available for viewing at the Farm Bureau building in Peoria. The price to Farm Bureau Members is $55 and to non-members the cost is $75. Profits from the sale of these units will be given to the Peoria County Farm Bureau Foundation in support of the Ag-In-The-Classroom program.

Pick up of the Home Composter Bins will be at the Farm Bureau building on Thursday, April 19, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. or at the Composting ABC's Family Education Night that evening.

Further details on composting and the organization Farm Bureau is working with, Recycling Connections, is at their website www.recyclingconnections.org. Contact the Peoria County Farm Bureau at 309-686-7070 with questions or further information.

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