Fit Friday: BMX Biking

Published 05/03 2013 05:53AM

Updated 05/10 2013 04:24AM

Chillicothe Extreme Sports is all about getting kids off of the couch and into the race.

BMX, mountain biking and skate park divisions provide an alternative for those not interested in traditional sports.


Richard Rowell - Director, Chillicothe XS says, "We get 'em out to the track. We get 'em out in the sunshine. It's good exercise. It's good for their bodies. It's good for their future. The more they get into sports as a youth, the more likely they are to carry it through for the rest of their lives."


The fast paced sport of BMX combines strength and agility, in an all out sprint to the finish.

I was feeling brave, so i put on my safety gear and consulted an expert for advice.


Jonas Rowell BMX Rider, Chillicothe XS says, "Lean into the corners. You always want to lean like, into the corner because it helps your momentum just going around."


Right away, I could feel my legs working hard to pedal. After just a few hills, I was short of breath. These kids spend hours a day at the track, conditioning for a race.


Soon, practice time was over. It was time to hit the gate and show these guys what I had. It may not look like I'm going very fast, but it feels like I'm moving at the speed of light. Talk about white knuckle driving.


Richard says, "Butterflies are good. They're a good thing. Keeps you alive. Makes you know you're alive."


All I could think was, 'just keep going.' Because nothing is more rewarding than finishing the race. Even if these guys beat me... by a lot."


Chillicothe Extreme Sports is hosting a youth sports expo at the Peoria Civic Center on May 25th from 10:00 to 7:00.

There, you can find information about all different youth sports in Central Illinois and participate in workshops and lectures.

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