Fit Friday: Common Workout Errors

Published 04/26 2013 05:40AM

Updated 05/03 2013 04:24AM

Walking into the gym, most trainers can't help but notice and critique what others are doing.

So we asked this morning's Landmark Fitness Instructor Amy Bjornstad what the most common mistakes she sees and how to fix them


Number five: Hearing, "I ran a lot today, so I can go eat whatever I want!'


Landmark Fitness Instructor Amy Bjornstad says, "It's not just negating it, it's overpowering it. Don't treat food as a treat. Treat it as fuel - as a source of fuel for your workouts, for your day, for your life."


Number four on Amy's list is not respecting the rest day. Many avid runners and fitness junkies are guilty of overtraining. Your body needs time to recover.


Bjornstad says, "And then you will notice when you run again you just have that little bit more energy because you respected your body enough to give it that rest."


Flexibility is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Amy says number three is for those who skip the stretching.


Bjornstad says, "At the end of your workout, your body is warm. It's a great time to make sure you lengthen those muscles. It's going to help you have a quicker recovery. It's going to help you prevent injuries, and it's just going to feel good."


Second on the list is focusing too much on one thing. Amy finds that women lean more toward cardio, while men favor strength training. But both should be incorporated for a healthy, well rounded fitness routine. That also goes for the number on the scale. Thinking more about overall wellbeing will then lead to weight loss.


And the number one mistake people make at the gym - not having a plan. Mapping out your workouts for the day, week, or even month will keep you on track and eliminate guess work.


Bjornstad says, "It helps mentally, the physicality of it. You know what to expect. You know how to prepare for it ahead of time. You know how to care for yourself afterwards."


Not sure where to start? Amy suggests trying a set of workout DVD's or a group fitness class. And if you're guilty of one or all of these mistakes, it's never too late or too early to jump on the right track.


Bjornstad says, "once step one becomes a great habit, then move on to number two. Then say, I've been doing a lot of cardio, I'm going to incorporate some strength now. And then once that's your habit, just build and build and build. Don't just think you have to change everything right away."



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