Fit Friday: Lightening Workout Series Part 3

Published 03/15 2013 05:45AM

Updated 03/22 2013 04:28AM

  We've reached the end of our lightning workout series for Fit Friday.

In this third and final edition, 15 minutes is all you need to complete a thorough strength training routine.


  Amy Bjornstad, Landmark Fitness Instructor, says "I think that this whole series of the lightning workouts has just been a great way to show, that it's not about spending two or three hours a day." 


  We started off with five minutes of maximum effort. 

Then we used body weight to lengthen our workouts to ten minutes. 

Then we used 15 minutes of muscle building techniques...


Amy Bjornstad says, "There's definitely more of a weight element on this one, so you definitely would want to plan it around what you have in your home." 


  These lightning workouts are designed to help you save time during your busy schedule. 

No travel time, no gym bags, so easy this routine can be done just about anywhere.


Amy Bjornstad says, "Not everybody has a gym membership, and that's something to really keep in mind when you are figuring out your workout plan." 


  Bjornstad says focus on you - focus on working hard doing the 15 minute stretch

But, if you do have access to a gym and weight equipment, then you have all the tools necessary to build a better physique.


Amy Bjornstad says, "What you'll find is, as you start doing a little bit, you're going to want to do a little bit more, because your body craves it.  Your body is designed to move and to work for you like a machine.  So, the more you use it the more it's going to want to get used."

These simple tips - these three variations of workouts - are sure to help when your exercise window timeframe is limited.


   Bjornstad says that these workouts work great when incorporated with your normal routine, but occasionally it's okay to use these if you only have a few minutes to spare.

They're also great as a beginner's workout.

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