Fit Friday: Swimsuit Season

Published 05/10 2013 04:45AM

Updated 05/17 2013 04:27AM

If the idea of squeezing into a sleeveless shirt has you scared, don't worry. You still have time to tone before summer. For women, one of the biggest challenges is sculpting our upper body, especially the additional skin and fat under, and on the back side of our arms.


Amy Bjornstad says, "We're going to focus on four major muscle groups. The triceps and the biceps, which are corresponding muscles. Triceps are for pushing, biceps are for pulling. And then chest and back - chest again for pushing, and back for pulling."


Start with some good, old fashioned push-ups. Try spreading your hands a little wider, that will help focus on the underarm. A modified row or tricep dip works the back of your arm, while incorporating other muscle groups in your back and shoulders. Keep the weights light, but try and challenge yourself from time to time.


Amy Bjornstad says, "If you're looking to tone and sculpt, for the most part you want to do more reps, less weight. But every once in a while, you want to shock those muscles and you'll get different results if you go a little bit heavier and do a few less."


And don't forget the cardio.


Amy Bjornstad says," Still incorporate that cardiovascular activity because that's going to melt away the outer layers and let that muscle be what's closer to the surface. So that when you do strengthen and build those muscles, that's more of what you're going to see. "


Walkers should add one or two pound hand weights to their daily routines. If you're at the gym, hop on the elliptical.  The added upper body resistance will increase the intensity of your work out in all the right places.


Amy also stresses to use slow and controlled movements. Swinging your arms too much will limit results.

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