How have hearing aids changed over time?

Published 02/21 2014 09:44AM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:08AM

How have hearing aids changed over time?

Hearing aids have made significant changes over time in size and technology.  Sizes have become smaller and harder to see.  Technology has greatly improved.  Hearing aids are programmed through a computer, have virtually no feedback/whistling and are able to reduce various types of noise.  More sounds are picked up by hearing aids and sounds are processed faster and automatically.  So, there is almost no need for self adjustments of hearing aids.  Wireless hearing aid technology is now available.  This allows the hearing aids to communicate together and allows for better speech clarity.  Wireless technology also allows hearing aids to communicate wirelessly with certain cell phone and blue tooth devices, giving the patient a total package of hearing options.  There are many levels of technology available that allow for more specific fine tuning adjustments to meet different needs.  It is important to see an Audiologist that is qualified in addressing individual needs to properly assure the patient is receiving the best care and hearing. 

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