How will hearing aids improve my quality of life?

Published 02/21 2014 09:48AM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:07AM

How will hearing aids improve my quality of life?

There are detrimental effects of hearing loss left untreated.  These include a higher risk of depression, lower income due to negative impact in the work force, and higher risks of isolation.  Research shows a strong link between untreated hearing loss and loss of cognitive function.  When there is a distorted signal in communication due to hearing loss, individuals tend to isolates themselves and withdrawal, this leads to lower sensory input.  Also, hearing loss is  associated with fatigue, embarrassment, anger and stress.

Research shows that hearing aids improve the quality of life by improving communication in relationships; improved job performance, increasing social participation, reduction in anxiety and anger due to the hearing loss, improving cognition, and helping those with hearing loss regain a feeling of control and self esteem. 

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