What do I do if I am experiencing tinnitus?

Published 02/21 2014 10:02AM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:04AM

What do I do if I am experiencing tinnitus?

o   It is not normal to experience ongoing tinnitus.

o   A team of professionals is recommended to determine whether the tinnitus is a symptom of a medically treatable disease, and then to receive appropriate medical management.  The core team members are typically  an audiologist and an ENT physician.

o   Audiologists specialize in:

o   Complete, comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine normal vs abnormal function of each part of the ear (outer, middle, inner)

o   Evaluation of the tinnitus severity and its impact on daily living

o   Tinnitus and hearing loss education

o   Audiologic Rehabilitation

o   ENT physicians specialize  in:

o   Medical evaluations of the ears and hearing, and additionally the nose and throat and their role in the cause of the tinnitus

o   Radiologic and laboratory studies

o   Medical and/or surgical management, if necessary

o   Additional team members may include counselors and other medical specialists.


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