What hearing aid styles are available?

Published 02/21 2014 09:46AM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:08AM

What hearing aid styles are available?

There are several styles of hearing aids available today, and various factors that help determine what style is best for each individual.  Today’s hearing aids are digital and come in different sizes and technology levels that allow us to tailor hearing aids to individual needs.  Sizes range from deep fitting completely in the canal, in the canal, behind the ear, and receiver in the canal.  Receiver in the canal hearing aids are the most commonly type of hearing aid fit today.  These hearing aids are very adjustable to varying degrees of hearing loss and allow a lot of room for future adjustments.  They are considered open fit hearing aids.  They essentially do not occlude the ear canal, which results in a more natural feel and comfortable hearing aid fitting.  After the hearing evaluation, we work with each patient in helping determine what the best option is for them.

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