Bear Blitz: Devin Hester

WMBD/WYZZ-TV STAFF - BOURBONNAIS, IL - Devin Hester has always been confident in his ability to returns kicks, but now there's also a sense that he has a similar confidence in his ability as a receiver.

"I think it's just more experience.  Understanding the game more and more each and every year. Working on my craft, my weaknesses that I had the past couple years," said Devin Hester.

"That's my biggest goal this year when I get my hands on the ball.  I want to just explode out," said Devin Hester.

Since defenses will most likely be keying first on stopping Brandon Marshall, that should open up big play opportunities for Hester.  And Hester says he's learning a lot simply by observing Marshall.

"Just sitting back and watching him.  Working his mechanics, and the way he works as a receiver it leaks off on me, and I just try to copycat everything he's doing," said Devin Hester.

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