Bear Blitz Profile: Shea McClellin

WMBD/WYZZ-TV STAFF - BOURBONNAIS, IL - Dan Hampton once made the number 99 famous for the Bears.  Now they hope that 99 will soon become popular again.  That's the number that Shea McClellin now wears.  They drafted him to add some more punch to their pass rush.

"I love rushing the passer and getting after the quarterback, so I can't wait," said Shea McClellin, Bears Linebacker.

McClellin had 20 and a half sacks in his career at Boise State.  But corralling quarterbacks in the Mountain West Conference is a lot easier than getting to them in the NFL will be.

"I take pride in watching film and learning from the veterans too.  That's what I plan on doing, learning from these older guys," said McClellin.

If McClellin lives up to the Bear's expectations he'll be lining up along side guys who are perennial Pro Bowlers and future Hall of Famers....Urlacher, Peppers and Briggs.  That's a little surreal at the moment for a 22 year old.

"Oh yeah definitely it is.  But I've got to put that past me and realize I'm here to help this team do what I can," said McClellin.

Being a first round draft pick is great on draft day, but now McClellin has to live up to the high expectations. 

"I don't know if I necessarily call it pressure, but you know I set myself goals, and I just work hard in practice to do the best that I can," said McClellin.

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