Chiefs All-Star Overcame Infection

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. -- He's experiencing a gamut of emotions this season.

Back for his second season with the Chiefs, Greg Rohan is a Midwest League All-Star.

"It's an honor that goes to our whole team. I wouldn't be getting the pitches if there weren't guys on base," said Rohan. "It's a whle team honor."

Rohan leads the Chiefs in batting average (.352) and runs batted in (45).

"He's a big part of our lineup. It's good to have him hitting in the middle of our lineup," said Chiefs manager Casey Kopitzke. "He's in a position where he's able to drive in runs. He's been successful doing it the last two years."

Despite his All-Star status, Rohan has had to overcome some adversity this season. He missed
12 games last month with an infection in his leg.

"I got hit by a ball in spring training. For some reason it flared up six weeks later," said Rohan. "It shut down my body a little bit with flu-like symptoms. (It affected) the back of my hands, the bottom of my feet, my hair hurt. Any time I moved. I had a pretty high temperature. It was pretty nasty."

Now the only thing nasty is Rohan's bat. His 18-game hitting streak this season is the fifth longest in team history.

He says he's a  better player after going through his illness.

"I think there's a lot of situations that lead to great opportunities. I think that's one of them,
along with getting sick in spring training," said Rohan. "Everything happens for a reason. Try to learn from it, get better from it and see where it goes."

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