Chiefs Wisdom Believes Team Will Finish Big

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. - Finishing the first half of the season nine games above .500 wasn't good enough for a playoff berth for the Chiefs.

But slugger Patrick Wisdom still thinks the post-season is a possibility.

"We finished on a strong note," said Wisdom. "We didn't start off on the right foot, but there are still a ton of games left in the second half."

You can trust the player thats second in RBI's and tops in home runs on the team. Wisdom says he's capable of power surges, but doesn't necessarily consider himself a home run hitter.

"If you go up there trying to hit a home run, more times than not you're not going to. It just kind of happens," Wisdom.  "In some situations you go up trying to end the game with a home run, but more times than not you just want to hit the ball hard."

As a major contributor on offense, manager Dann Bilardello thinks the Cardinals first round draft pick in 2012 could move up in the organization quickly.

"Last couple of weeks he's been way, way better. Not to say it's perfect right now, but I can see the improvement," said Billardelo. "I'm looking forward to seeing how he improves in the second half. Maybe he'll do so well he might end up getting out of here too."

As the Chiefs enter the dog days of summer, Wisdom knows his team is ready to show that their bite is just as good as their bark."

"We have guys that play everyday, even our bench players are solid all-around, ' Wisdom. "Good, strong team that if you put us out against any team, we'll compete."

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