Farmers Strength May Be In Numbers

Boot Camp: Farmington

FARMINGTON, Ill. - How go you replace an All-State quarterback and an All-State receiver?

Farmington coach Toby Vallas says you really don't. At least you don't with two players.

Instead, the Farmers are hoping four or five players will team up to fill the shoes of their graduated stars from last year's 11-1 team.

"Losing both of them was very big but we have a bunch of guys that have stepped up,"' said senior running back Evan Marion. "The sophomores have stepped up, junior have stepped up. I think we have the guys in the right positions to make the plays."

Senior Judd Anderson was a key complimentary receiver to Higgs. This year, he'll be the main targert.

"People that don't know us say, 'Oh, you're losing 2-3 great players.' Yeah, we are," Anderson said. "But we all have a bunch of experience. We are ready to go and prove them wrong."

Farmington opens the season at home Friday against Mercer County.

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