Hoilman Didn't Have Routine During Record Streak

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. -- What begin on April 14, is now Peoria Chiefs history.

In the next 24 contests, Paul Hoilman put the ball in play.

"Went up there trying to maximize each at-bat,"' said the Chiefs first baseman. "Was able to get at least one a game for a while there."

Two dozen straight games with a hit, the new chiefs record holder raised his batting average 170 points during that span from .136 to to over .300.He also drove in 24 runs on 34 total hits.

"Tremendous individual accomplishment," said Chiefs skipper Casey Kopitzke. "You have to give him a lot of credit.  Being able to be consistent for that long and that many games in a row is not easy."

While baseball players can be superstitious to keep streaks alive by doing the same thing everyday, Hoilman says he did the opposite.

"My routine was not doing the same thing everyday. Trying to stay with as little superstition as I could do," said Hoilman. "Keep that stuff out of the way and come to the park ready to go."

Kopitzke liked the approach.

"To see him come and be himself everyday and not get wrapped up in an kind of streak and put the team first was a real tribute to the type of player that he is," said Kopitzke.

The streak ended Saturday when Hoilman went hitless against Burlington.

"When the hitting streak was over, I said ok.Start a new one.  Let's start a new one," said Chiefs hitting instructor Barbaro Garbey.

Added Hoilman: "I want to get the hits with guys on base, so I was lucky to get that going and have the team buy in, and have everyone go in the same direction."

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