Saurs: SPHL Will Be Expanding Soon

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. -- Once the teams in Bloomington and Peoria are accepted into the Southern Professional Hockey League, local fans will have to start learnig the names of the opponents.

For years, Rivermen fans have loved to root against foes like Rockford, Chicago and Milwaukee, all within driving distance of central Illinois. Now the Rivs will be playing teams like Pensacola, Augusta and Huntsville, all located in the south.

But Bruce Saurs thinks that'll change soon.

"They've got some unique ideas," said Saurs, who owned the Peoria Rivermen from 1989-2008. "They'll have two divisions to satrt with, approximately ten teams each. And they'll play in the division, which will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expense."

Saurs, who sold the Rivermen to the St. Louis Blues five years ago, is part of an investment team putting the Peoria and Bloomington franchises in the SPHL.

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