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Tuley-Tillman On NFL 'Job Interview' This Week

Manual Grad Hoping To Catch Scouts' Eyes

PEORIA, Ill. - He's calling it a large job fair.

"It's the biggest job interview of my life," said Logan Tuley-Tuillman.

The Peoria Manual grad is at the College Gridiron Showcase in Dallas. It's an All-Star week filled with some of college football's top talent.

Tuley-Tillman hopes to impressive NFL scouts.

"Playing basketball at Manual, it set me up to be able to do what I'm doing now," said Tuley-Tillman. "To stay in front of guys. and show what I can do. Move people out of the way."

The 6-7, 310-pound offensive lineman has a degree from Michigan and he's working on two Masters degrees. He's smart enough to know scouts will ask him about being dismissed from Michigan for an campus incident where charges were eventually dropped.

"Being blunt and honest about the situation," said Tuley-Tillman. "I'll tell them what people don't know about everything being dropped and me being admitted back to the school and graduating and being welcomed back."

He'll be 23 in March. Tuley-Tillman knows all about the challenges in his hometown and the issues of his neighborhood on Peoria's south end.

He's lost friends to gun violence and he'd like to use his football to make a difference wherever he goes. So he started a lineman academy for young players.

"I was thinking, what can I do? How can I help? I'm an expert at my position," said Tuley-Tillman.

He started the Logan Tuley-Tillman Lineman Academy. He works with young players, ages 8-18, on the skills needed to play offensive line.

"If there's anything I can do to help the next generation, I definitely will and it will get done," said Tuley-Tillman. "It's my responsibility to pass it on." 

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