26th Annual Stuff-a-Bus Campaign Concludes

26th Annual Stuff-a-Bus Campaign Concludes

Donations reach record levels for Stuff-a-Bus campaign
By:  Donnie Tillman

PEORIA -- The 2013 Stuff-a-Bus campaign comes to a close, but not before setting a new record.

The annual food drive which began back on October 26th helps distribute food throughout the year to families in need of assistance.

WMBD 31 and sister station FOX 43 are among the proud sponsors of the 26th annual Stuff-a-Bus campaign

In all 15,240 pounds of food was donated which amounts to over 7.5 tons.

Officials say with all the new food, no one should go empty-handed.

Melanie McNiff with the Friendship House says, "Our pantries at the beginning of this campaign were empty.  It was a little discouraging, but from the looks of the bus out there, it looks like we'll be able to have the opportunity to feed people for quite a long time."

"This Friendship House is in our community in which we serve and that is a primary mission for us to provide food for those under-served families in our communities." said Kroger District Manager Gregg Proctor.

In addition, the Friendship House of a Christian Service donated 3,200 pounds of food for a grand total collect weight of over 9 tons.

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