46 Homes 'Total Loss" in Pekin

46 Homes 'Total Loss" in Pekin

PEKIN - Damage in northern parts of Pekin.

PEKIN – There are no major injuries in the northern parts of Pekin, but
residents are devastated.

There are only minor injuries being reported. 

So far, Pekin authorities say no one is missing, but by the look of some of the damage, residents are shocked it wasn’t worse.

The scene near Pekin’s Lakeside Cemetery is troubling. 

Trees and power lines are down, homes are severely damaged, and some structures are completely gone.

“The garage was sitting there with the truck.  It’s gone.  It’s laying there,” said Detective Mike Eeten of the Pekin Police Department.

One resident said his neighborhood looked like a warzone.

Across the northern parts of Pekin, damage is widespread.

"Houses damaged from Second and Sheridan to Sheridan and Parkway, and then north. And homes with just some broken windows to some roofs gone to some total devastation."

"And here on Truman Street in Pekin, homeowners have their work cut out for them, picking up the pieces behind the tornado. And you can see some of the devastation. In fact, where I'm standing right now was a garage," said Eeten.

"We're over near the Casey gas station."

Authorities are going door-to-door checking on residents. 

Crews are working on power outages and multiple gas leaks.

"We're going to try to call our insurance agent."

Jim and Diane Bruen are busy on the phones, figuring out what to do with their damage.

"I tell you one thing, I walked in and said what the heck! And saw it was just, all that stuff on the floor and the ceiling came down,“ said storm victim Jim Bruen.

Down the street, Jeff Leeman’s hands are full, but this won’t keep him down.

"We're gonna be alright. I mean the shed and the garage is thrown all over the place.  These folks are dealing with what they're dealing with, but we'll make it through it. And we're just grateful the good Lord preserved so many lives here," said storm victim Jeff Leeman.

Pekin Police are blocking off many roads in the area near Lakeside Cemetery.

Authorities say it could take hours to check all the homes and get the situation under control.

People are advised to avoid the area and authorities say they do not need any more volunteers at this time.

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