A Race to Inspire: Breast Cancer Survivor Says Family, Fitness Helped Her Beat the Odds

A Race to Inspire: Breast Cancer Survivor Says Family, Fitness Helped Her Beat the Odds

This weekend the third annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure hits the streets in Bloomington, raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research.
BLOOMINGTON - Holly Elgin is always on the move.

By day she teaches exercise classes and works at an area gym.

It’s her way of staying well, after being diagnosed with breast cancer nearly four years ago.

"I didn't think it was anything at all, and when the doctor put his hand on my shoulder and said, I'm sorry you have breast cancer...it just blows you away,” Elgin described.

She took action right away.

“They told me it was an extremely aggressive type of cancer, and my best choice would be to have my breast removed.”

Married, in her 30’s and with a young daughter, she opted for the surgery.

“I chose to do both, because I didn’t want to have to worry for the rest of my life,” Elgin explained.

Chemotherapy treatments followed…yet Elgin kept her current fitness habits.

“I would still go to the gym everyday no matter how tired I was.  I think that helped me move the chemicals through my body every time I had the chemo.  It helped my mind and soul."

So, when the first Twin Cities Race for the Cure began, a recovering Elgin signed up.

Now in remission, she’s been taking part ever since.

"Every time I do it, it reminds me of what I've been through,” said Elgin.  “You know...you forget that you've been through it and then when you see other ladies in wheelchairs or they can't do it…that's why I do it."

Elgin plans to run again this weekend.

To her, it’s just another reminder that with enough support once day the deadly disease will be gone for good.

Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure

When: Saturday September 14th

Where: State Farm Corporate South Campus, Bloomington

When: Activities begin at 8am

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