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After Health Scare, Bloomington Woman Transforms Body, Life

She can laugh about it now, but for years, Nikki Segobiano would rarely ever set foot inside a gym.

BLOOMINGTON - For some, finding time to fit in a work out can be difficult. With jobs, and family activities, staying physically active can get put on the back burner.

But following a medical scare, one Bloomington woman made some radical changes to her daily lifestyle. She can laugh about it now, but for years, Nikki Segobiano would rarely ever set foot inside a gym.

"I was large," said Segobiano

In November 2011, when she weighed 242 pounds, Segobiano started having chest pains. She knew a change was necessary.

"Just knowing that I needed to be in here, working out and on the days I didn't want to be, if I was too tired, just working through that," said Segobiano.

So, she started working out six days a week and changing her diet, eliminating items she once loved.

"Sugar, and I cut out pop. I haven't had pop in 21 months, not one diet pop, not a regular pop," said Segobiano.

She also made a plan to be there every day after work.

"I change there and come straight here. I don't give myself that time to go home and eat or to sit down and lose that concentration. I know that what I'm doing is I'm coming here as soon as I get off from work," said Segobiano.

Since she started hitting the weights hard, she's lost 100 pounds, and Segobiano says some people hardly recognize her.

"Some of them don't realize who I am, which makes me laugh, but a lot of people ask my opinion on what I've done and I just try to help them get through it," said Segobiano.

Now, that she's lost the weight, she's doing everything she can to keep it off, and inspire others who are struggling to drop some pounds.

"I know what it's like to be in their shoes, to not want to go out and do things socially and that's why I want to do this, is to hopefully help people feel better about themselves and know that they can do it. I keep telling people that if I can do it, you absolutely can do it," said Segobiano.

Physically and mentally, Segobiano says she's doing very well now. If all goes well, she should have her personal trainer license within the next month.

Peoria's heart walk is Saturday, October 12 at 9 a.m. It takes place at Festival Park. You can find a link to the registration here.

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