Allergy Season Is Back In Full Swing

Allergy Season Is Back In Full Swing

PEORIA - The Fall Season Brings Nice Temperatures and Colorful Leaves but Bad Allergies.
It's the time of year when the leaves change and the temperatures cool off but also bad allergies. 

A wet spring followed by a relatively dry summer has created the ripe conditions for massive amounts of ragweed for the region. 

Ragweed is a common allergy that is seen in the fall season. 

Doctors suggest limiting your time outdoors if you have bad allergies.
Early morning and late evening are the worst time of the day for pollutants to be flying around and even more so if it's a windy day. 

Doctors recommend over-the-counter antihistamines such as Zyrtec or Allegra to prevent the symptoms of allergies. 

For further information, you should contact your local doctor.
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