Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Explodes in Peoria County

Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Explodes in Peoria County

Authorities investigate the cause of a tank explosion near Edelstein, Illinois
By: Donnie Tillman

EDELSTEIN -- Authorities continue to investigate the cause of an explosion involving a pair of gas containers near the intersections of Route 40 and Route 90 in rural Edelstein, Illinois.

A truck was traveling northbound on Illinois Route 40 pulling a trailer, carrying two containers of anhydrous ammonia.
A state trooper saw one container fall off the trailer, causing an explosion.
The blast sent the tank several hundred feet into the air, leaving behind a cloud of gas, before falling into a farm field.
A second tank fell over and began leaking gas.

Residents in nearby homes were evacuated.

The driver of the truck was injured in the accident.

The trooper and another witness were able to pull the motorist to safety.

"The trooper did risk a lot to himself.  It was a very dangerous situation, and he went over there and was able to get the driver out of it.  Even exposure to a small amount of it can pose some very serious injuries very quickly." said Illinois State Trooper Dustin Pierce

The driver of the truck sustained serious injuries.

While the trooper was exposed to the ammonia gas.

Both were taken to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.   

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