Archery Gains Popularity With Hunger Games Movies

Archery Gains Popularity With Hunger Games Movies

Store sees increase in sales and participants.
BARTONVILLE - It looks as though the odds are ever in archery's favor since the release of the Hunger Games movies.

The sport has its fans in Central Illinois.

"I like the competition," said 11-year-old Calvin Eberhart.

Eberhart and 13-year-old Jaden Stafford were two of the many young people competing at Presley’s Midwest Archery Tournament Saturday.

"I go to my school sports and everybody's trash talking each other and it's, but here it's like, you're friends with everybody," Stafford said.

According to the national governing body for the Olympic sport, USA Archery, the organization's membership more than doubled within the past two years. And since the release of the first Hunger Games movie, Presley's archery range in Bartonville has also seen a jump.

"Popularity’s been huge,” said range manager Mark Cooper.

The heroine in the block buster hits depends on her archery skills.

"We like it we like it obviously from a retail point of views. It helps our sales. From a sport point of view, we like to see people getting involved in archery it's a very fulfilling, very fun sport,” Cooper said.

He said a lot of younger kids are getting into the sport because they’re inspired. Stafford agreed.

"I have some people who have gotten into the archery because of the movies and I think that's really awesome," she said.

"My dad was trying to get a recurve bow after the movie and he couldn't get one because a bunch of people were going to get them," Eberhart said.

Cooper said the movie might be good to spark an interest, but once kids are in the sport for a while they get a lot out of it.

"They learn camaraderie they build friendships. We have people that come from as far west as Utah and as far east as North Carolina to do these events. A lot of them are buddies and friends."

In the U.S. the second Hunger Games movie, ‘Catching Fire,’ scored more than $160-million in box office revenue.

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