Bass Pro Officially Announces Bow Fishing Tournament

Bass Pro Officially Announces Bow Fishing Tournament

What it's all about.
EAST PEORIA - It'll be a two-day, multi-county festival surrounding one Central Illinois staple; Asian Carp.

Bass Pro Shops made the official announcement Friday for the 2014 Flying Fish Festival and Bow Fishing Tournament.

Organizers are hoping it will bring out the best bow fishermen in the area to make a dent in the Asian carp population. The registration fees will support the union sportsman alliance.

It's an organization dedicated to conserving the environment. Another chunk of the money will go to restore Peoria’s 89-year old labor temple.
That's not all that sets this tournament apart.

"These fish are actually shot very quickly with a tethered arrow so they can literally catch the fish and bring it in the boat. That’s the whole deal they're going to see how much volume they can bring in and for the weigh in here at 2:00," said Mike Everett from Focus Forward Central Illinois.

Later in the day local chefs will prepare the fish in different ways for people to try. Registration for the tournament opens up March 1st.
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