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Benefits of Basset Training: Course Breaks Down Liquor Laws & Penalties

BLOOMINGTON - After a wild weekend downtown, the focus is shifting from crime to alcohol regulation.
BLOOMINGTON - After a wild weekend downtown, the focus is shifting from crime to alcohol regulation.

The city now requires workers at places serving booze to complete Basset training.

The class breaks down liquor laws, and the penalties if they're violated.

Server Training:

Brian Dixon knows the importance of having trained staff work at his club.

“What the liquor laws are, what you can and can't do, what's acceptable and what's appropriate,” Dixon explained.

He's the general manager of Six Strings in downtown Bloomington, and isn't taking any chances when it comes to serving those underage or intoxicated.

"When you take the initiative to get rid of people that are behaving badly I think it creates a better environment and people are more comfortable being here,” said Dixon.

He’s one of many who've completed the state's Basset training course.

"Basset stands for beverage and alcohol sellers and servers’ education and training,” said Beth Peterson.

Peterson and Matt Graczyk teach people about the class.

It's offered at Heartland Community College in Normal.

"We have seen way too many tragedies occur in the past as a result of drinking and driving,” said Peterson.  "I think it's important that we educate our establishments."

The class covers everything from how to spot fake ID's, to alcohol's effect on the body, and how to handle a customer who's had too much to drink.

"That is a key component of this class, teaching our sellers and our servers about the liability,” said Graczyk.

"I drive down the street and I injure or kill someone, not only am I liable for that person's injuries but it also goes back to the establishment I was drinking at,” explained Peterson.

The hope is this eye opening lesson makes workers aware, their actions speak volumes on the job.

So when it comes to serving patrons…it's best to tap into their well being, before pouring another drink.

"Let’s do what we can to stop these things from happening before tragedy occurs again,” said Peterson.

Currently, the Town of Normal does not require Basset training.

Those who complete it are certified for three years.

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