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Bloomington DMV to Participate in Temporary License Pilot

Could it make the roadways safer?
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Pekin receives bids for next leg of Veterans Drive
BLOOMINGTON - Undocumented immigrants in the Twin Cities will soon be able to get a driver license at the DMV.

The DMV facility in West Bloomington has been chosen for a pilot program to start issuing Temporary Visitor Driver's Licenses starting in December. Illinois Secretary of State, Jessie White will roll out the full program in January.

Applicants have to make an appointment and are required to have documents proving their name, date of birth, but before they can walk away with a license, they'll have to buy insurance.

White said in a press release that will improve safety on the roadways.

People can schedule appointments by calling 885-236-1155 or by visiting www.cyberdriveillinois.com.
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