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Bloomington Police Investigate Fatal Fall at State Farm

BLOOMINGTON - Police and paramedics in Bloomington were called to State Farm corporate headquarters around 8;30 Thursday morning where they found a woman had fallen from the fourth floor level in the atrium.
BLOOMINGTON - Bloomington police responded to a call to State Farm's corporate headquarters around 8:30 Thursday morning.  There, they found a woman had fallen from the 4th floor level in the atrium. McLean County Coroner Beth Kimmerling says the 35-year old woman has been identified as Carrie L. Butler of Bloomington.  She was an 11-1/2 year employee of State Farm. Kimmerling reports early information indicates the incident was a "witnessed intentional fall from the 4th floor with no indication of criminal involvement or foul play."  Kimmerling says autopsy results show Johnson died of multiple injuries, specifically head, chest, and pelvis due to a fall from heights.  The Bloomington police department continues to assist with the investigation. State Farm spokesman Phil Supple said in a statement that there was quote "An unfortunate and isolated event in the corporate headquarters atrium involving an injury to one person." Supple says there was and is no risk to others and State Farm is assisting local authorities.
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