Boot Camp: Dee-Mack Looking for Improved Defense

Boot Camp: Dee-Mack Looking for Improved Defense

Dee-Mack looking for better defensive effort in 2013

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - MACKINAW, Ill. - When his defense gave up 40 or more points in four games last year, Job Linboom knew things had to change.

So the Deer Creek-Mackinaw head coach has challenged his defensive front four to make the Chiefs' defense better this year. He's confident it'll be better because all four down lineman are seniors.

"I told them it's up to you," said Linboom. "If you can hold your ground and cause some disruption, it makes everyone's lives a lot easier. They love it because everyone likes defense, especially the lineman and linebackers."

The Chiefs were 4-4 last year, ending a four-year run of making the playoffs.

"It starts at the defensive line. Nothing is going to get past us," said senior lineman Justic Wyman. "Stop it up the middle, close it down, make them run outside and then our defensive end will contain."

Dee-Mack opens the season Aug. 30 at LeRoy.

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