Boot Camp: ND Irish Hope to Be Smiling in November

Boot Camp: ND Irish Hope to Be Smiling in November

Peoria Notre Dame looks to better state quarterfinal appearance

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - PEORIA, Ill. - Notre Dame is officially more than just a soccer school.

Yes, the Irish boys soccer team won the state championship in 2012. But Notre Dame's run to the state quarterfinals has energized the football program. 
"After making it to the playoffs, the quarterfinals, Notre Dame football is back," said senior Aaron Sanders. "Everyone wants to play, come tryout. It's a great feeling knowing we are a threat to teams this year.

ND's 8-4 season ended with a loss to eventual state champ Rochester last November. The Irish are seeking their third sonsecutive playoff berth, that has happened since 1999.

"Our school has gained confidence over the past few years," said senior Jake Reale. "It's even inspired a few players to come back and tryout for football. It's increased in people and interest."

Notre Dame opens the season against Peoria Richwoods on Aug. 30.

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