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Boot Camp: New Canton Coach Seeks to Build Confidence

Jason Kirby says confidence comes before victories

WMBD/WYZZ-TV - CANTON, Ill. - The Little Giants are hoping a new coach brings some newfound success.

Jason Kirby takes over the Canton football program, which has earned just one victory in the past four years. He's not worried about wins and losses, though.

He wants to build confidence in his players.

"We as a football staff, constantly try to promote kids to say 'I can do this," said Kirby. "I'm a winner. I'm going to be in there. More and more, kids everyday ar stepping forward saying ' it's my turn.  I can do this."

The players seem to like the approach.

"He builds everybody up.  He doesn't put anybody down," said senior lineman Drew Harmon. "If we do wrong, he just asks what you did and says 'What can you dop better than that.  You're better than yourself."

Canton opens the season at IVC next Friday.
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