Bradley University Special Scholarships for Local Educators

Bradley University Special Scholarships for Local Educators

Bradley University offers a program for local educators to further their own education with a special scholarship.
PEORIA - Nicole Weber teaches English at Pekin High School. Her students are gone for the holiday break, but they've been getting an extra dose of education this year. "The students are definitely reaping the benefits of my advanced degree," says Weber.  "Many of the things I've learned, I can apply to my classroom."  Weber is getting that advanced degree at a discounted price from a private school.

"We realize that teachers sometimes don't have the greatest salaries and we want to help our own community, our own teachers, says Jeff Bakken, Dean of Bradley University's Graduate School.

It's called the Professional Educator's Scholarship, given to full-time teachers in any district pursuing a higher education at Bradley University.
If they have a 3-point-0 minimum grade point average during their last 60 hours of undergrad, they qualify for help. They get half off tuition for every credit hour they take up to 18 hours a year. And, there's no limit to how many teachers can get the help.

"We don't turn anybody away, if you meet the criteria, or if you earn it later, we will never say, sorry, we're at our quota."

New results from an international student survey show U.S. students ranked below average among the world's most-developed countries in math. They're close to average in science and reading.  And, newer state standards, common core, are putting more emhpasis on the impact of teachers performance and student achievement. All things professors at B.U. are putting the higher education equation.

"Those are some of the things, too, for area educators when they come back," says Dean Cantu, Department of Education Chair at Bradley University. "That's part of what we integrate into our curriculum too, is an emphasis on assessment."

For Weber, the extra help has given her a chance she says she wouldn't have otherwise had. "Without the scholarship, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford my masters degree at Bradley. It brought this university at a price range I could meet,"

Weber says continuing education helps her be a better teacher for herself and her students. Bradley says it's all part of the bigger picture..

"We rely heavily on area schools, public as private, parochial, to provide classroom experience early on, for our novice, student teaching." says Cantu. "So, for us, this is a way we can give back to area educators and administrators who are so giving of their time to help our students."

For more information on this scholarship, click this link.

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