Caller Delivers Bomb Threat Right Before Christmas

Caller Delivers Bomb Threat Right Before Christmas

A visit from the Grinch in stead of St. Nick.
PEKIN - Although no one was hurt, a bomb threat at Pekin’s Wal-Mart Monday caused quite a stir.

"Wondered why the parking lot was so empty," said shopper Cheryl Cutting who arrived just as the store opened back up.

The entire Wal-Mart was evacuated Monday around 10:00 a.m.

"Wal-Mart received a phone call stating that there was a bomb," said Detective Mike Eeten with the Pekin Police Department.

The Peoria Police Bomb squad was called in to sweep the store and luckily the team found no threat. About two hours later, everything was back in business.

"It is a very important day to get this last minute shopping done so having Wal-Mart closed is just devastating," said shopper Kim Stanley.

But even though the building was shut down, one thing bothered customers even more. Two days before Christmas and many said felt like they got a visit from the Grinch instead of Santa.

"I think its terrible number one and I think that you know they need to be punished," Cutting said.

"Well I think in general it's pretty sad and pretty scary and at Christmas time?” Stanley said, shaking her head.

Eeten said coal won’t be the worst thing coming to whoever is responsible.

"Our investigation now begins and we'll work to figure out who did this," he said.

Eeten said they're working to trace that call. If caught, that person could also face charges because of how much business Wal-Mart lost. December 23rd is one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
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