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Central Illinois Orbit A Bit Offline

Central Illinois' personal solar system may be out of whack
PEORIA - Central Illinois' personal solar system may be out of whack.

The sizes and distances in what is considered the community solar system have been altered with the new Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The Lakeview Museum used to represent the sun in the community solar system, but now the sun sort of speak, originates downtown.

With the change in distances, the "planet Jupiter" was taken down from the north stairwell at Olin Hall on the campus of Bradley.

Sheldon Schafer with the Peoria Riverfront Museum says, "I'm sad in a way.  I also teach part time at Bradley University.  I teach the introductory astronomy here, so it's been nice to have Jupiter in the building where I teach.  But I'm not sad to see that the model is going to get bigger and better."

The planet Jupiter will move to its temporary home at the Peoria Riverfront Museum where it will be refurbished and eventually moved to a new location in the community orbit.

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