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Charter Oak Investigation Report: Staff Inappropriately Helped Students Taking ISAT Tests

PEORIA - An investigation into Peoria District 150's Charter Oak Primary School is done.

PEORIA - An investigation into Peoria District 150's Charter Oak Primary School is done.


The legal counsel presented its results of an investigation to the school board at tonight’s meeting



The counsel says Charter Oak staff violated ISAT testing protocol by giving inappropriate accommodations and modifications to special education students.


Some teachers even self-reported the inappropriate help.


The investigation also concluded that principal John Wetterauer did not properly provide ISAT training to staff and did not report score inconsistencies to the district administration.


The council looked at testing on ISAT and MAP, or measures of academic progress, rankings for 26 special education students.


While MAP rankings stayed consistent, students had a dramatic decline in their ISAT scores from 3rd and 4th grade attending Charter Oak Primary School compared to when they advanced to 5th grade at Mark Bills Middle School.



“The data in this case shows that a vast majority of special education students at Charter Oaks had a disconnect between their ISAT and MAP percentile rankings. A likely explanation is that there was some sort of systematic over-accommodation,” says District 150 Legal Counsel Michelle Todd.


Parents and teachers voiced their concerns again Monday night about the investigation.


They say it was inconsistent and believe that principal Wetterauer has been unfairly targeted.



“Based on what I've seen and what I heard from your lawyer, the scope of the investigation was way too limited and way too focused on Mr. Wetterauer and Charter Oak,” says Charter Oak mom, Tiffany Britt.


The district submitted their report to the Illinois State Board of Education on Friday.


School Board was in executive session late Monday night. The board decided not to make any decision on Prinicpal Wetterauer, or any Charter Oak staff, until Wetterauer has a chance to respond.

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