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Child Passenger Safety Week Highlights Car Seat Safety

September 15th through 21st is National Child Passenger Safety Week.

PEORIA – Local statistics show that four out of five children are riding in car seats that are installed incorrectly.

This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week and authorities said its bringing awareness to a big problem.

The Program Coordinator for the Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria, Jamie Sammis, said parents often don’t know the weight and height requirements of a car seat, or how to securely fasten the child in. “It's a lot of things. Children harness straps are too loose, their clip that's in the middle is too far down, or straps are too high or too low. Children are in car seats that they aren't old enough or big enough to be in.”

If you are seeking advice, a car seat clinic is open to the public on Saturday at Kohl’s in East Peoria. You can show up, or call (877) 277-6543 to make an appointment.
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