City of Peoria Looking To Fill Empty Space

City of Peoria Looking To Fill Empty Space

The city of Peoria looking to fill space in the Twin Towers Mall and bring life back to a historic downtown building.
PEORIA – The city of Peoria is looking to fill some empty space.

About a year ago, the city moved its Planning and Zoning department out of the Twin Towers Mall and across the street into city hall. The old space is still sitting vacant.

Assistant City Manager Chris Setti said about 15,000 square feet is available. Anyone can apply for the spot.

The city will then evaluate those proposals and present them to the council. Setti said, “It's kind of maybe a more non-traditional route than just listing it with a broker and taking whoever will rent it but it's public space owned by the people and the public so we thought we would give everyone an opportunity.”

The city is also working on bringing a very historic location back to life.

Officials announced Thursday they’re issuing a request for any developers who want to renovate the iconic Madison Theater.

It’s working with the family who owns the theater, to look for qualified candidates for the project. Eventually, they hope to find the right one and get the building back to  being a core part of downtown. “The vast majority of the building is empty and has sat empty for the last ten years. So this is really an opportunity to say we want to put this building back into production, we want to make it a part of the economy.”

The city owns the parking lot behind the theater and they plan to make that space a package deal with the theater.

Setti said some local, state and federal tax credits could be available for the project.
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