City Prepares for Winter Weather, How You Can Prepare Your Car

City Prepares for Winter Weather, How You Can Prepare Your Car

Tips for your car in the cold
PEORIA - While the city is preparing for a major winter weather event, mechanics are still tuning up cars from the last freezing temperatures with tips for the rest of the season.

The trucks are ready to plow and lay down salt. Peoria’s street, sewer and forestry manager, David Haste is ready for action.

"We can anticipate a lot of drifting coming in with this event. The wind speeds will be anywhere from 15-20 and gusts up to 30-35 miles an hour."

Factor in snow and freezing temperatures you get, “slippery roads, depending on when the snow will end and when the temperature drops then that's a concern to us because we won't be able to get clear pavements," Haste said.

That's because the salt and the calcium chloride mixture only works into the single digits.  If you have to be out on the roads there are a couple things you can do to be safer. Midas Master Technician David Jacobson said tire pressure is a quick check that makes a big difference.

"If your tires are under filled that does affect traction. It affects how your vehicle drives in the snow and slippery conditions," he said.

There’s something else shops are busy with this time of year.

"As soon as it gets cold, most common is of course slow starting, even or the car won't start or it seems like it’s slow starting."

Jacobsen said he tests a lot of batteries, which on average last about five years.

Another important thing people should do is keep an eye on their fluids.

"Most people associate coolant of course with cooling, like in the summertime. But it also has a freeze point," he said.

If it freezes your car may not start. And it's not just for comfort, but Jacobson said warming up is good for your car too.

"When your fluids are warmer your car performs better, because it’s stressful on your car when you drive it when it's really cold."

And in case you do run into trouble, Jacobson recommends always being prepared with a set of jumper cables.
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