Clock Ticking on 2013 Charitable Contributions

Clock Ticking on 2013 Charitable Contributions

Days left to give for a 2013 tax write off.
PEORIA - If you've been thinking about donating to charity, tax experts say now's a good time to pull out the checkbook.

In order to see the benefits on your 2013 taxes people have to make the donation by the end of the month. People can get a tax write off for any amount, big or small. Just remember to keep the thank-you letter or receipt.

There's one other thing to keep in mind if you're hoping to see a benefit on your returns.

"What you want to make sure of is that it's basically an official charity for example the Red Cross, Easter Seals, things like that so you just want to make sure it's a legitimate charity," said William Sharpe, President of Total Income Tax.

Sharpe also recommends checking your own pay stubs before the end of the year.  He said make sure the correct amounts have been taken out so there are no surprises when tax time rolls around.
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