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Crittenton Center Children Shop At Stocking Stuffer

25 children from Crittenton Center's Child Development Center visit Stocking Stuffer Store at Northwoods Mall
By: Donnie Tillman

PEORIA -  A group of local children are getting the opportunity to purchase gifts for their loved ones this holiday season.

25 kids from the Crittenton Centers' Child Development Center received $25 to go shopping at the Stocking Stuffer Store at Northwoods Mall Wednesday morning.
First Federated Church co-sponsored the event with a generous donation.

Organizers say it's an excellent way for the children to learn about the holidays.

"What a wonderful way for them to come in and experience shopping like we do as adults.  They get to shop, they get to pay for it, then get to wrap.  And then the exciting thing is they have stuff underneath the three that nobody knows what they're going to get until Christmas" said Jennifer Simmons of the Crittenton Center.

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place marking the store's 30th year.

The stocking stuffer will open to the public Wednesday night.

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